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Reel Tape Solution provides a full line of tape and reel services in our well-equipped, ISO regulated facilities.

We feature in-house pick known good die from wafers onto waffle pack or tape, peel force testing, dry pack, vacuum pack and bar code, cut & bend devices and custom design packaging.

With daily handling and packaging of parts as small as 0.022 x 0.012 x 0.005, we can tackle all your needs. Whether the parts are taken from wafers, waffle pack or bulk and placed in tape and reel, our facilities and capabilities offer a full line of on-site packaging services to meet your unique needs.

Reel Tape Solution has over 15,000 different tapes in stock and houses a bonded warehouse area. Reel Tape uses express carriers and its own drivers for both pick-up and delivery. Turnaround time on projects is, typically, three to five days. However, the Reel Tape Solution team can quickly and easily provide same day service at our facility.

Reel Tape Solution gives you the competitive edge by providing:

  • Design
  • Lead cut and bend
  • Surface mount, axial, radial taping
  • In-house tape & reel with peel force testing
  • Automatic die pick and place into waffle pack or tape
  • Dry pack, vacuum pack and bar coding
  • Fastest turnaround time in the industry
  • A never-ending variety of taping solutions
  • Two inspections per reel and parts count, ensuring quality & customer assurance